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Cover love – Dire Desires!

So, what do we think of Jinx?!  



DIRE DESIRES: A Novel of the Eternal Wolf Clan (Coming July 2013)

Jinx is a Dire wolf without a pack. Kicked out of the house by his king, and living with a vampire named Jez, Jinx has been trying to undo the damage he unintentionally caused during the reign of the Dire ghost army, which unleashed some of Purgatory’s worst monsters on the world at large. But when he hears that an unshifted Were is being held in a psychiatric hospital, he immediately drops everything to help her.

Gillian Black has no idea what’s happening to her—and Jinx discovers that she’s not just any Were, but a Dire wolf from the original Green- land pack. He helps her escape and promises to keep her safe from the men—and the wolves—who are hunting her and to teach her everything about being a wolf.

He must also fight his feelings, wanting to claim her as his mate…at least until after he defeats the supernatural enemies that threaten all of them.


19 thoughts on “Cover love – Dire Desires!

  1. FYI, just read Stray’s book, yummmmmmy. I really like your new series, it’s not like your others but still HOT HOT HOT! I’m prejudiced, I love black ops/military romantic suspenses. Keep up the awesome writing Ms. Stephanie!

    • They do SUCH a good job on these covers – they really listen to all the details I give them. I love that the wolf’s eye color matches the color of the title…

    • I look back and still can’t believe that (most of them) are finished…OMG – it’s like having whiplash 🙂

    • YAY – love hearing that, Melissa!!! Which – Jinx’s wolf? Or the drawn one? I think either would look cool, but if you want the drawn one, I can get you a nice jpg to take to the shop with you 🙂 My friend drew that one – she’s so talented.

  2. Oh my that is such a hot cover. Love the Dire series, but I heard that this was the last book and the Dire series is actually only a trilogy. Hope I heard it wrong though.

  3. I love your dire wolve books. But as a voracious reader i never buy a book because of itscover. Contents are more realuatic. Lol. Id buy these books if they had a blank civer.

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