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Dire Needs giveaway at Larissa’s Blog!

My writing partner and partner in crime, the amazing Larissa Ione is giving away three ARCs of Dire Needs today on her blog so go for a chance to win!  The contest will run for 24 hours, so everyone will have a chance to put their names in!

In other non-book news, I just saw Dr. Oz taking about alternative remedies for migraines – he mentioned a homeopathic med called Feverfew – anyone ever taken it with any success?  I’m thinking of trying it because, hey, why not?  Especially since this migraine has been here since, oh Tuesday.  I swear, it’s going to snow – I don’t care what the weather people say – this is a snowgraine for sure.

Okay, back to typing in the 25 longhand pages of Unbreakable (the new Section 8 romantic suspense I’m working on).  And I should have some news on the Reid/ Grier book soon as well!

Oh, and if you’re on Pinterest, come friend me!  It’s my newest addiction :0


2 thoughts on “Dire Needs giveaway at Larissa’s Blog!

  1. Feverfew didn’t help my son but it has helped my girlfriend. She still has migraines but they’re less often. She was having them a or two times a week. She is also on some drug too, I don’t know what it is. Son didn’t have them as frequently as friend to begin with. It’s worth a try. I can’t imagine going through what you all do with migraines. Good luck.

  2. I get migranes also, but must have missed the Dr. Oz info. I hope it works for you and I think I will check into it as well. I just finished reading your Delta Force series and loved every page. I was so excited at the mention of a book about Reid and Grier. I didn’t want him to be the only one not to find true love. Your books have given me an escape from a very difficult year as a teacher. Thank you! 🙂

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