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Dear Amazon.com,

Happy Easter! I guess you’ve decided that my soul needs saving and are using your current policy to do so.

I’ve already taken time out of my busy schedule that includes actually writing more books that you can censor on your website by writing and calling about your disturbing new policy that bans adult materials from searches and sales ranking on your website.  

My alter-ego, Sydney Croft, is directly affected by this as are many  authors I know personally.  And it’s a very slippery slope once you try to decide that people need you to think for them – and to limit their choices toward what you deem acceptable.  How do I know that tomorrow, you won’t decide that some of my Stephanie Tyler titles have too much adult material in them?   Although granted, I’m now in very good company, as you’ve decided to stop ranking books like Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D. H. Lawrence. I’m assuming Shakespeare is next? Or Brideshead Revisited?  Feel free to reference these titles for your sweep of any books with any references to sex in them.

Shame on me – I used the S word.   

I’m a huge Amazon shopper, as my husband and the Amex bill can attest to.  I’m an Amazon Associate, and so the book links on my site go directly to Amazon.  I can promise you that all of this will stop if you don’t rescind this ridiculousness and stop censoring books.  

I encourage any and everyone – authors – readers – to read the post references above and these below that pertain to this Amazon debacle and then write or call Amazon.  This affects everyone – there is no way of knowing who Amazon will decide to censor next.  Information on reaching Amazon customer service is included in the links below.

Dear Author  


Amazon Rank

LA TImes

I’m off to shop at Barnes and Noble now – and Borders too!

5 thoughts on “Dear Amazon.com,

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  2. I’ve emailed them my thoughts, Stephanie.
    If I wanted someone to censor my books, I’d shop at Wal Mart for them!! I think that they’ll either rethink this policy, or they’ll feel the repercussions, because not many of us AVID reders and SPENDERS will shop somewhere where they want to think for us!!!

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  4. Thanks Melissa! I don’t honestly believe it was a glitch at all, but I’m really proud of the work we accomplished today in forcing Amazon backtrack. And I’m truly hoping that everything is resolved, since Amazon is honestly the #1 place I shop, for books and beyond…

  5. Great job with the post. I read it at the time, signed the petition, made all the noise I could in several online communities, including Amazon Forums, and was under the false impression that this was resolved — or mostly resolved anyway.

    I find that’s not the case from an author I follow, she keeps updating her Amazon blog with the current state of affairs, and what seems to be a clear Amazon boycott to some (if not all) LGBT authors.

    More can be read here:

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